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For the last couple of years cryptocurrency market is gaining ground.people has shown a lot of trust on this technology.The future seems to be bright. The curiosity surrounding cryptocurrency creates a pool of investors.Talk of access to everyone;decentralization,security,low fee. Cyrptocurrency have been introduced in the online market. If you want to join  cyrptocurrency market  Binace …

Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs

In this era, some  website have Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs  that pay you for directing   visitors to their  URL. A very famous pay per click affiliate program is adsense.

Before investing in  any  pay per click   program , its good to do some research about such program. One of the best way to know whether a certain Program   is a scam is to check for its reviews.

Some  of  programs    that have prove to be scam include entireweb.com, and   linkbuck.com as per available  reviews  .

The following Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs   are  good to try.

 Example  of Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs

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The book is precise with only four chapters to teach you a step by step process. Chapter One entail criteria and tips to use when choosing your   product niche, four typical product niches are analyzed using this criteria.

Chapter Two show some tips on creating a product video Review. The key point discussed are

Product introduction

Audience attention


Pros and cons

Product substitute

Call to action

Four typical examples are given.

Chapter Three entail YouTube Video Upload and Optimization. The chapter discuss importance of filename, tags, video titles, video descriptions and channels information to optimize YouTube video.

Chapter Four talk about ranking video on YouTube. Here are more tips on YouTube tags is highlighted. Other tips discussion include keyword ranking, comments, and Google ranking .Detailed examples are also given.

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